Yuppie Hill Farm

YuppieHill_cropIt all started with a couple of hens. Her children, who are now grown, brought them home and the family built a fancy coop for hens. It was finished inside and had curtains, so it would look nice.

“The farmers would drive by and say, ‘Look at those yuppies on that hill,’” Lynn Lein said. “It kind of just stuck with us. Nobody forgets.”

Two hens turned into a dozen. A dozen turned into 200 and so on. Lynn has continued to grow her farm as the demand for her brown eggs has grown. All the while, she’s taught herself, through trial and error, how to become a farmer.

As her flock doubled and tripled in size, Lynn began direct marketing her eggs under the name, Yuppie Hill Poultry. She soon landed a few major retail and restaurant accounts including simple café and Simple Bakery and Market, as well as quickly becoming a staple at local farmers markets. Lynn moved to the new farm on Potter Road in 2004 and immediately began renovations on the barns and buildings throughout the property.

When Lynn left her career in the Health Care Industry we doubt she would have envisioned the world that she has since created.  There are three barns with her girls laying thousands of eggs every day, Berkshire hogs, pastured broilers, turkeys,  a meat processing plant producing wonderful cuts and sausages, a café where friends and strangers often meet to share potluck or a meal cooked in Lynn’s kitchen, and who knows what is next.  This all comes with hard work, endless hours, and family.  Even Lynn’s young granddaughter joins her in the pick up when she is delivering her eggs.

How does Lynn maintain such high quality eggs and meats?  First her hens are housed in an aviary system that was certified as the first humane system in the United States.  The girls are fed a high quality vegetarian diet using local farms for the protein portion of our feed.  There is no soap or chemical wash used in the processing of the eggs.  All of her livestock is humanely raised from start to finish.  Great care is given to insure that a quality product goes out to her customers.

Hometown Sausage Kitchen is also part of the Lynn Lein plan for world domination.

Both simple cafes and the bakery are supplied with the eggs that Lynn’s girls lay.  Some days they arrive still warm.